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Make a Statement

Reupholster an existing piece. Make it look amazing for your guests.

Waiting Room Chair

Make your waiting room stylish and comfortable.

Shark Chair

Now this is FUN! There is no reason why a waiting room can't be enjoyable.

Restaurant, Hotel, Practitioner, Retail


Booths, Dining Chairs, Benches

Restaurant seating should be clean, rip-free and welcoming. Bow Valley Upholstery can help you keep a great image where your diners will be comfortable and want to come back again and again. With that in mind, we offer overnight service. We can pick up in the late afternoon and return for opening hours so you never have to be without seating. We know how important it is to keep bums in seats.

With high season in mind - ask for overnight service

And if you're that busy, and we hope you are, then let us help choose materials that will last a long time.


Lobby, Lounges, Booths, Dining Chairs, Benches

A hotel is a not only a home away from home, it should be even better than home. The lobby should bring feelings that the guest is worthy. Watch their shoulders relax as they sink into the perfect piece of furniture. They no longer mind that you have a lineup at check-in. Of course you do! They are now in one classy hotel.

Be classy and comfortable

There's nothing more gross than dirty furniture when a guest is paying for accommodation. And trust us, we Rosen's have travelled around the world and stayed in some glorious, yet disgusting spots. Mike always checks out the furnishings!

Overnight accommodation should be welcoming, comfortable, eye-catching and entice a traveller to book again and again. Guests want to feel safe, secure and snug. Let Bow Valley Upholstery help.


 Treatment table, Chiropractor table, waiting room

Keep your treatment tables clean and rip-free. Let your client think of nothing else but how you're healing and helping them. We know you're practise is busy, which is how your table got worn in the first place, so we offer overnight service so you can keep your table available for patients.

Be classy and comfortable

As an athlete, Katrina has seen her fair share of practitioners, from massage, acupunctures, accupressure, physio, athletic therapists, chiropracters, crainio-sacral, osteopaths and doctors and there is nothing more horrible than feeling a ripped or saggy treatment table. She knows how important it is to have the sensation that you are the only one she cares about in her time, so keep that table in perfect condition!