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We Always Find the Best Solutions for Your Project

Seating should be clean, rip-free and welcoming. Bow Valley Upholstery can help your restaurant maintain its great image. A place where diners will be comfortable and want to come back again and again. With that in mind, we offer overnight service. We can pick up in the late afternoon and return for opening hours so you never have to be without seating. We know how important it is to keep bums in seats.

With high season in mind - Ask about overnight service

And if you're that busy, and we hope you are, then let us help choose materials that will last a long time. We work with a variety of suppliers to source the best materials to suit your needs and budget. Costs vary depending on fabric and foam selection. Bow Valley Upholstery will help guide your choices to make this process as smooth as possible.

Restaurant Services


We love sitting in booths! So we know they can be a sought after seat and all that sliding in and out can be hard wearing on older booths. Over the years, vinyl can develop cracking and unless you are going for an old, used look or like finding snacks in the cracks, they should be replaced!  We use quality commercial grade materials and can help you choose the right finishing details for your restaurant.


Aren't booths and benches kind-of the same thing? Perhaps! Some have backs, some don't. Some are curved, some aren't. But either way, we recommend replacing cracked benches sooner than later, because high quality foam will outlast the fabric. So, as long as the foam is not dirty or mouldy, we can reuse it. Please don't duct tape. You're classier than that.

Dining Chairs

Whether chairs are rocking with loose joints, have saggy webbing, stained fabric or the foam is at the end of its life span, replacing dining chair pads is economic and an easy way to change the motif of your restaurant. Hint - We recommend ordering extra fabric so we can easily replace one-offs as needed in the future.

Bar Stools

Oh, we met at the was glorious. You don't want your patrons falling through their bar-stools or they might not consume enough chicken wings and beer. (Or in my case caesars and fries) Hint - Some box store bar stools may have used inferior elastic webbing, which is useless in our dry climate. We can replace the webbing and often keep the foam and fabric.

Outdoor Seating

Yay, patio season! The best season of the year! Outdoor cushions should be inviting, joyful, and most importantly, comfortable. What's great about patio season is sunshine. What's bad about patio season is UV breaks down fabric. In fancy upholstery terms, you want "Solution-Dyed Acrylic" an outdoor grade solution. Find out more in Materials.

Accent Pieces

Accent pieces compliment the space. They stand out by bringing in colour, flair or to make a statement. Consider having one in a corner where guests might wait for seating or at the head of a large table.

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